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Synergy Spanish Review - Course for Adults

Learning Spanish for Adults

 Synergy Spanish - Enroll Now

What if you only need 138 words to get by in Spanish?

And what if those 138 words could give you as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases?

That's exactly what Synergy Spanish teaches you.

Synergy Spanish is a Spanish language learning course online created by Marcus Santamaria. If you are looking for information on learning Spanish for adults, this course is one of the best.

Synergy Spanish is created based on a simple method for speaking Spanish quickly and easily he discovered, that was designed specifically for adults from 30 to 98 years of age.

"What?? Just 138 words? That's too good to be true!"

Well, just read on if you'd like to learn how to learn Spanish with 138 words :-)

Marcus Santamaria, The Creator

That's Marcus :-)
First of all, Synergy Spanish is created by Marcus Santamaria who used to struggle for years learning Spanish language (his wife is Mexican, by the way).

Marcus used to try everything and nothing seemed to work for him.

He used to teach English in a Spanish speaking country, but this only increased his desperation to speak Spanish.

He could only say a few basic phrases in Spanish, but he couldn't get by in a real world conversation.

He already had all the tools to succeed: a language teacher in a prestigious university, he studied Spanish textbooks for years with diligence and dedication, and he was even living in a Spanish speaking country, surrounded by Spanish!

Shouldn't have he just absorbed the language since he was immersed in it daily?

Marcus had every possible advantage, but still he couldn't express himself at all.

However, that all changed on the day he stumbled on the unique language patterns. These powerful shortcuts tie the language together and can be used by any English speaker to say as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases with just 138 words.

Synergy Spanish - Enroll Now

Synergy Spanish Review

Synergy Spanish is a perfect way for an English speaking adults to get by in Spanish fast, and it's especially good if you're living in a Spanish speaking country or you plan to visit one sometime soon.

It's ideal for adults.

Many of Marcus' most successful students are in their 40s, right up to their 70s and 80s. In fact, one of his oldest students is 96 years old.

  • Imagine what having 88,000 Spanish phrases would do for you.
  • You can finally enjoy confident conversations, with your amigos in your language.
  • Imagine Spanish flowing freely from your tongue.
  • Stop thinking about rules and grammar and just say what you want to say.

That level of Spanish freedom is available to you now.

The reasons so few adults experience freedom of communicating in Spanish is, the traditional way of teaching and learning Spanish for adults doesn't work for most people, especially if you're no longer in school.

It usually leaves you last when it comes to speaking in real life.

If you've tried to learn the language before, and struggled like Marcus did, Synergy Spanish course is developed for you.

It's for those who want to communicate in Spanish in real life conversations.

Marcus called it Synergy Spanish.


The word "synergy" is about taking just a few words and multiplying them to create
this beautiful language. Just think about this:
  • It only takes 12 notes to create all Western music from The Beatles to Beethoven.
  • And it only takes 26 letters to create all literature, from Shakespeare to Stephen King to J.K. Rowling.
  • The entire kaleidoscope of beautiful colors that surround us can be made by combining just 3 colors of red, yellow, and blue.
That's what Synergy Spanish is.

You take just 138 words and use them to make as many as 88,000 Spanish phrases.

We'll talk more about the words and the power to multiply Spanish in a moment.

But first, lets make sure if this is right for you or not

This Synergy Spanish system is for you if:
  • You're a beginner who has never spoken a word of Spanish
  • You've taken other courses and you've tried hard to make those courses work, yet you still struggle with conversational Spanish.
  • You find that you can't string Spanish sentences together confidently and freely.
  • You want to learn the language quickly for business, travel, or relocation.
  • You're over 40 and you don't feel learning is as easy as used to be. (Synergy Spanish will make it easy for you again!)
  • You don't want to spend countless hours studying complex grammar, it's just not your thing.
  • Spanish has been difficult for you in the past.
  • You don't have endless hours to devote to lessons, but you can do a little each day.
  • You've been living in a Spanish speaking country for some time and you're disappointed that after so long, Spanish hasn't fallen into place for you.
If any of those situations apply to you, I have great news for you:

All you need is just 138 words.

Now you might be thinking,

"But I already know 138 words!"

That's where the synergy kicks in.

In Synergy Spanish, Marcus will show you how to use synergy language patterns to combine those words so effectively that Spanish feels natural and easy.

And it doesn't matter how old you are or what experience you've had with Spanish in the past.

Synergy Spanish makes communicating in Spanish easy for you.

Synergy Spanish Members Area

Here are what you will get in the members area of the Synergy Spanish course:

1. Synergy Spanish Fast Start Action Guide

First, you get the Synergy Spanish fast start action guide.

The action guide is your road road map. It unlocks for you in easy steps the formula for combining 138 words into 88,000 phrases in Spanish language.

You can use it as your step by step guide to installing the Spanish language patterns in your working memory for every day use.

You can also use it as a handy reference tool as you dive right into speaking with the audio or video lessons.

Which brings to the second part of your course:

2. 68 Synergy Spanish Audio and Video Lessons

These lessons have you speaking to learn, instead of learning to speak.

Within minutes this method starts you speaking in flowing phrases. It guides you easily and comfortably to speak the language.

You can practice without pressure or stress in your car or in your home. You're never overwhelmed, you're always comfortable.

Each lesson transitions smoothly from the previous one in an easy to follow sequence.

This short, sharp, and focused sessions have you speaking with growing confidence.

Almost without effort, your Spanish gets better and better.

The 68 audio and video lessons are brief, each one is only 7-15 minutes.

They are easy, enjoyable, and they make speaking Spanish fun.

The lessons are available in 3 formats.

If you look below this video, you'll see the 3 options they have for you.

Synegy Spanish Buyers Testimonials

Synergy Spanish is a very easy course to get through and it makes it effortless to speak more Spanish every day.

Just look at the testimonials below from the Google Playstore:

(The app is free for buyers of Synergy Spanish course)

Some comments from discussion forums:

You will enjoy learning with Synergy Spanish!

Synergy Spanish Post 1
Synergy Spanish will help you improve your conversational abilities.

Synergy Spanish is mentioned in the book "Fast and Easy Way To Learn A Language" by Bill Handley

But what happens if you do get stuck on some part of the course?

In most Spanish courses, that will get you stop and never speak Spanish.

Not so with Synergy Spanish: they're going to make sure that you experience the thrill of speaking Spanish for the first time.

Marcus Santamaria is your Spanish communication coach.

Should you hear a road-block, Marcus is here to help you. Just send him an e-mail, use it as a lifeline and he'll get you through so you achieve your goal of speaking Spanish.

But frankly, most people never have to use this feature.

The system is so easy to follow that you'll find speaking Spanish is a very smooth process.

Nonetheless, isn't it good to know you're not alone and that help is there if you need it?

Some of Synergy Spanish customers prefer to have all the lessons in 12 CDs with the print version of the action guide.

If you'd like to receive the audio lessons in 12 CDs and the print version of the action guide, plus the online action guide, the 68 online audio lessons and iPhone, iPad, or Android app, 68 online video lessons, and Spanish coaching, that's just $125 plus shipping.

Chose your learning Spanish for adults package below now by clicking the "choose your package" button for the version you want.

No matter which package you chose, you have Marcus' full 100% 60-day money back guarantee. If you're not absolutely amazed at your new ability to communicate, if you're not thrilled with your new confidence in Spanish, they will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Synergy Spanish Pricing

Synergy Spanish Price

Choice #1
Synergy Spanish Light Audio Lessons ($67)

If you choose Synergy Spanish Light, you will get the 68 downloadable audio lessons, fast start action guide, and also Synergy Spanish app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Each Synergy Spanish audio lesson is an engaging 10-15 minutes. You won't get bored!

Choice #2
Synergy Video ($97)

In addition to the audio lessons, you will also get the 68 video lessons (online), and also a 90-day e-mail coaching.

If you find a difficulty when learning Spanish, you can just send e-mail to Marcus Santamaria. You can use this 90-day e-mail as a lifeline. Marcus will get you through, so you can achieve your goal of learning and speaking Spanish.

Choice #3
Synergy Spanish Video Plus Physical CDs ($125)

You will get all the video lessons online, plus the physical CDs of the audio lessons and the printed version of the Synergy Spanish action guide delivered to your home (not included shipping and handling).

Ready to learn Spanish?

If you're still not sure about the course, you can check out what people say about Synergy Spanish on Reddit here.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Sideways Method To Learn Spanish - Bola de Nieve

The "sideways method" explained in the video above is part of the "Bola de Nieve" course, which is a follow up course to Synergy Spanish.

What is the difference between "Bola de Nieve" and "Synergy Spanish"?

Bola de Nieve is an online course for those who have more than a passing interest in the Spanish language. It is created for those who have a longer term goal and want to become as fluent as possible in speaking the language.

Therefore, if your goal of learning Spanish is just to get by as fast as possible for a holiday travel, then Synergy Spanish is the most appropriate course.

 Bola de Nieve Course

But if you want to go to the next level, develop fluency and start to think in Spanish, you can enroll in Bola de Nieve, also created by Marcus Santamaria.

Bola de Nieve is a 14-month course and contains lessons in video format. In total, there are around 30 video lessons a month and each of the lesson only lasts for about 10 minutes.

If you would like to learn more and get the preview of the program, click here.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Synergy Spanish" On Reddit

Reddit is a popular social news aggregation website that is known by its users for its open nature and diverse user community.

What do Reddit users say about "Synergy Spanish" course?

The following are some of the comments I found:

Listening To Synergy Spanish While Commuting to Work

The user Siqniz says that s/he watch 'El mundo de Elmo' every morning the morning. S/he also has Synergy Spanish that he usually listen to while driving a 40-minute commute to work.

User Sonsue also learns his/her Spanish by listening to Synergy Spanish audio lessons while driving:

Get Synergy Spanish

Looks Like A Scam, But It's Actually Good :-)

Reddit user Stdbrouw says the sales page of Synergy Spanish makes it look fishy, but it's actually a good Spanish course:

User Fox1s2 says that Synergy Spanish is a good starting point and that s/he recommends start using Synergy Spanish in the car:

Get Synergy Spanish

User Heisgone recommends Synergy Spanish for anyone looking for an audio book on learning Spanish language:

Get Synergy Spanish

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How To Count In Spanish - The Numbers

0 = cero
1 = uno
2 = dos
3 = tres
4 = cuatro
5 = cinco
6 = seis
7 = siete
8 = ocho
9 = nueve
10 = diez
11 = once
12 = doce
13 = trece
14 = catorce
15 = quince
16 = dieciséis ( it simply means diez y seis = 0 and 6, but it is written differently)

For 21 to 29, they start with -veinti which sounds like "twenty" in English, so it will be easier for you to remember:

22 = veintidós
23 = veintitrés
24 = veinticuatro
25 = veinticinco
26 = veintiséis
27 = veintisiete
28 = veintiocho
29 = veintinueve

Next, 30  =  treinta, 40 = cuarenta, 50 =  cincuenta, 60 =  sesenta, 70 = setenta, 80 = ochenta, 90 = noventa, 100 = cien

A Tip From Marcus Santamaria from Synergy Spanish

If you want to learn how to learn Spanish faster, try thinking in Spanish.

Every day, you always have voices in your head, so why don't you just change your thinking into Spanish language?

This technique of thinking in Spanish has helped Marcus Santamaria, creator of Synergy Spanish, tremendously.

Marcus used to teach English in a factory in Tijuana, Mexico, that produce accessories for RVs. When he finished teaching, he would drive for about 20 minutes to another factory that assembled stationery.

During that drive, he practiced his Spanish by imagining himself having conversations in Spanish language. 

Turned out that it was surprisingly easy because he had no fear of being wrong, and he could talk about anything he wanted.

After practicing thinking in Spanish, Marcus started to be able to speak the language with flow.  It started become easier for him switching from English mode to Spanish mode.

To get some foundations, you can use Synergy Spanish that gives you as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 words. This is one of the quickest ways of learing how to get by in Spanish.

Get Synergy Spanish

Monday, January 23, 2017

Best Method To Learn Spanish At Home

With all the current ever-increasing need for more Spanish speakers in the world - especially in North America - a lot more people than ever before are starting to learn Spanish.

Whatever the reason for you wanting to learn how to speak Spanish, without a doubt, you will want to learn it as quickly as you possibly can. On the other hand, with the sheer amount of different courses, ebooks and programs out there, it can be difficult to know which method is best for you. In this article I will show you the 3 easiest ways you can learn Spanish online.

Synergy Spanish
1. Enroll on an online course

This is the online equivalent of the college course.

Typically, you would have enrolled on a course at college, and then attended class two to three times a week. Right now, together with the internet, you can take that same course, but instead of a college, you can learn Spanish online at home.

The brilliance of this is that you simply will be able to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. This means that, in case you are busy one week and are unable to commit enough time needed, you haven't fallen behind "the rest of the class", and so don't feel lost for the next 2 or 3 weeks.

When you learn Spanish online, you just continue the following week, exactly where you had finished.

2. Join online language learning communities

Another great aspect of wanting to learn Spanish at home is that the internet pulls people together.

This is very visible in the sheer number of language learning communities you will find. If you want to learn any language, you will always want to know you're not alone in that learning process.

By being a part of one of the numerous language learning communities, you will meet numerous like-minded individuals, in the same boat as you. Additionally, you will find fluent Spanish speakers who can assist you with any questions you might have.

3. Language learning software program

The third and final method by which you can start to learn Spanish online today is to get hold of a language learning software program.

This has been probably the most important breakthroughs in learning languages. With a software package, you can get started instantly; you just press a button, download the course, and within minutes you are ready to go.

Furthermore, unlike books, software packages are very interactive, and so, you will find that it's actually not always boring when you learn Spanish online. Software program is also relatively cheap, and, most importantly, they get results - and quickly.

Synergy Spanish

If you are starting Spanish a whole new world awaits you. There are so many various paths that one could take with the different options on the market. Deciding the best way to learn from the start is an very important decision and this review will help you will make that decision.

If you are looking for online Spanish courses, I highly recommend Synergy Spanish.

Synergy Spanish

Friday, November 18, 2016

It Pays To Speak Up In Today's World

If you do indeed share the common ability to speak additional languages with new friends, or acquaintances, you are off to a less cumbersome start, which may open up network opportunities that range from a multitude of areas.

 If you haven’t already learned how to Speak Spanish, taking the plunge can be as simply as conducting a search for services that include online Spanish lessons.

Click here to learn Spanish easily with Synergy Spanish

It pays to speak up in today’s world

When it comes to the global economy, competition is stiff, which is a prime reason why savvy students of today are generally either able to speak more than one language, or in route to acquiring literacy in another language.

The influence of Spain, and Latin America, in terms of world trade, is huge. As a result of the long reaching hand of Spain’s marketing, and business influence in various countries, and on continents all over the world, learning to speak Spanish today could be considered to be quite necessary to any ambitious business person.

Monolingual vs. multilingual

With that said, learning a popular, and widely used language like this can make all the difference to current, and potential employers, headhunting agencies, or recruiters. Imagine the difference in range, when it comes to marketing, and branding, when it comes to someone who is monolingual, compared to that of someone who is multilingual.

For anyone who has never traveled, or even attempted to really dabble in a Spanish culture, to learn Spanish online could be helpful to avoid the initial culture shock from happening in one large dose.

To transcend the cultural barriers
Aside from Brazil the continent of South America is composed of Spanish speaking countries.

Without the capacity to speak, and understand the language pervasive to that demographic, there is virtually no way to tap into that market, one which is comprised of millions of potential clients, and dollars.

So, it is probably safe to assume that competitive business strategies in a global economy are well aware of these numbers.

Synergy Spanish - Enroll Now

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why Learn Spanish?

Learning a second language is a very good decision.

Whatever your interest in learning Spanish, there are several prudent reasons why learning the language could be a good decision.

Aside from the fact that, on a purely scholastic level, Spanish is considered a foreign language, which happens to be a fundamental requirement for any secondary, or post secondary institution of learning, it has been known to motivate students, of any age, to broaden their horizons.

Accepting the challenge to learn Spanish language can serve as a crucial factor to opening ones horizons, which can hold several meanings. Of course, by literal definition, it actually means to explore geographical boundaries and to travel outside of your local community, or perhaps, state, or even country.

For example, Spanish is a language widely spoken in most coastal cities including California, Texas, Florida, New York, and many European cities to boot.

Which Spanish language learning style is most suitable for you?

Once you’ve made up your mind that you are going to move ahead, and learn the language, it’s time to consider which learning style is most suitable, insofar as helping you decide the best way to reach your goal of learning a new language.

Essentially, scientists have argued that the best way to learn Spanish is through cultural, and language immersion. Despite the claim that there is no better way to learn Spanish than to become completely immersed in it, there are many other great methods, which could include, Spanish as the only language spoken, typed, written, or used for general communication.

An example of this would be a case in which Spanish is the only mode of instruction, asking questions, or making statements.

Immersion or learn Spanish online?

Considering that immersion would require the new learner to remain isolated in a community that only offers one language as far as communication goes, the student would have to live in a Spanish-only-speaking community, or attend some sort of boarding school in which Spanish was the only language used.

However, total immersion could also be attained by way of a virtual world, or learning program online. For many eager students who don’t have the same options to fulfill an overseas, or out of state education for their foreign language studies experience, there are so many programs that have been developed to teach conversational Spanish online, and that have rated quite well, according to voluntary feedback given by online bloggers.

Also, there are plenty of professionals worldwide whom are readily available to give Spanish lessons online.