Tuesday, March 14, 2017

"Synergy Spanish" On Reddit

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What do Reddit users say about "Synergy Spanish" course?

The following are some of the comments I found:

Listening To Synergy Spanish While Commuting to Work

The user Siqniz says that s/he watch 'El mundo de Elmo' every morning the morning. S/he also has Synergy Spanish that he usually listen to while driving a 40-minute commute to work.

User Sonsue also learns his/her Spanish by listening to Synergy Spanish audio lessons while driving:

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Looks Like A Scam, But It's Actually Good :-)

Reddit user Stdbrouw says the sales page of Synergy Spanish makes it look fishy, but it's actually a good Spanish course:

User Fox1s2 says that Synergy Spanish is a good starting point and that s/he recommends start using Synergy Spanish in the car:

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User Heisgone recommends Synergy Spanish for anyone looking for an audio book on learning Spanish language:

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